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  • Vacuum Gauge repair and calibration:
Vacuum Gauge Repair: $125 Plus parts, Calibration: Standard NIST.
Cold Cathode, Pirani, Convectron Pirani, Thermocouple, Capacitance Diaphragm, Ionization, and Capacitance manometers (MKS Baratrons).
Thermocouple, Capacitance Diaphragm, Pirani, Convectron, Cold Cathode, Ionization, Helium Leak Standard:
  • Turbo Vacuum Pump Rebuilt and Services:
  • Cryo Pump Rebuilt and Services
  • Vacuum Pump Rebuilt and Services
Pumps are rebuilt to manufactures specifications using premium parts, .All pumps have new shaft seals, vane springs, gaskets, V-belts, O-rings,
paint and charged with our molecularly distilled hydrocarbon oil.
  • Leak Detector Repair and Services:
Helium Leak Detector Repair and Service for all brands of leak detectors
Veeco, Varian, Alcatel. Leybold, CEC/Dupont.





  • Features:  Our services include:
Troubleshooting & Repair - Electronics Repair & tune to max helium peak - Turbo & Rotary Vane Pump Repair
Annual Service Contracts - Fast turn around